ADS-B Decoding with RTL-SDR, ADSBSharp, and Virtual Radar Server


ADSBSharp is an application that decodes the ADS-B frames at 1090 MHz and outputs decoded data.


Go back to the sdrsharp directory.

Double-click the ADSBSharp application.


Input the Frequency correction (ppm) setting found earlier.

Click Start.


The ADSBSharp application is a server application that lets other programs connect to it for the decoded data. You will need to let it configure Windows Firewall, even running only on the local machine.  Click Allow access.  If you’re running as a standard Windows user, you will need the admin password.


After a few seconds, it will start decoding data noted by frames/sec number constantly changing.

If it remains at 0, troubleshoot your RTL-SDR dongle.  Verify reception of “blips” at 1090 MHz using SDRSharp.  Check the antenna and reception covers 1090 MHz.