Freshman year of college (2002/2003), some guys on the floor of my dorm Conklin North (room 202), on the campus of BGSU, got me interested in Half-Life 1 mods: Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic.  I quickly became addicted as FPS games are my favorite.

I learned to build Half-Life Dedicated Servers, install mods, addons, and maps that year of college.  Those servers brought many players from all over campus to engage in CS matches.

Now, the host server is hosted by RackSpace in a Dallas, TX data center running Ubuntu 10.04. All HLDS servers are highly customized with mods (addons) and plugins.

NOTE: Steam sent out an update and the number of players tanked.  Instead of paying for servers that were not being used, they were removed.

Shoutz out to the original crew: my roommate Christian, Troy, DJ, Rick (gunner), and Christina.  Later dragged another roommate in: Bryan (swatts).

Ham radio and tech.