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First post: going to start using this space to geek out

I’ve had this website online for a few years now with some static pages about my interests and hobbies.  Recently did a fresh install of WordPress on this, my personal site.  The new twenty fourteen theme really grew on me and decided to go with it.  I did some reworking of the pages to use featured images and will include more images in pages.  Shutterstock helped me find some amazing, high-quality images to use as featured images.  I really like how it’s turning out.

While I was planning on doing the clean install of WP, I thought I should start to take advantage of the posts feature.  I have been doing some projects others have either asked me to write about or provide details.  Figured this would be a great place to do it and get more use out of WP and the servers.

I don’t have any real plan on how much or what I’ll post.  Most likely things I’m working on.  I like to do step-by-step images and as clean of a setup as possible.  I get frustrated with instructions that are incomplete or have too many assumptions.  These could get lengthy.  My place to geek out.