SSTV Transmissions from the International Space Station – April 2015 edition

The ARISS team planed to activate SSTV from the ISS again on April 11.  Check the ISS tag for my other ISS SSTV posts.

Station setup: MP Antennas Classic Mobile NMO Antenna – This is a local company in Cleveland and were reviewed in QST. Been using their antennas for a long time with great success. Since the antenna is multi-polarized (the MP in the company name), it is supposed to be a good substitution for receiving satellite transmissions without a directional antenna and not worrying about Doppler Shift (which needs to be accounted for in some cases). The height is about 15 feet.

The antenna was connected to my ICOM IC-7000 with DSP settings turned off on 145.800 MHz FM. Used this radio only because my SignaLink USB is connected to it and the one I use for digital operation on all bands. MMSSTV is the Slow-Scan TV program I use.

I have tutorials available to help get your station setup and getting started with MMSSTV to receive images from the ISS.

Many of the passes weren’t great or even over the U.S.  I received 7 images total from my location near Cleveland (EN91bl).

2015-04-11 2334 UTC
2015-04-12 0114 UTC
2015-04-12 0247 UTC
2015-04-12 0253 UTC
2015-04-12 0428 UTC
2015-04-12 0601 UTC
2015-04-12 2105 UTC